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Claudette Robb Ross is the Founder, CEO, and COO of New York City’s Best Commercial Cleaning Service.  This is not just a company name, but Claudette's promise to her clients. She is able to make this promise to you since Claudette is one of the foremost authorities of commercial cleaning in New York City.

Starting her training in college, Claudette is a top graduate of the world-renowned Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.  A leader in the field of hospitality education, Claudette received a world-class introduction to the world of hospitality in a program whose mission is to disseminate knowledge about hospitality management through teaching, research, industry relations, and service.


With more than 25 years’ experience, you can rest assured that Claudette and her team will put together the right cleaning schedule designed specifically for your business or facility.  Claudette holds herself and her employees to very high standards auditing her team's work so you know you are getting all of the services that you expect. Claudette takes training and customer service seriously and she strives to consistently provide impeccable quality and 100% satisfaction.  It is Claudette’s personal guarantee.

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