• Claudette Robb Ross

A Job Worth Doing Is A Job Worth Doing Well

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

This axiom is not a mindless idea.  It is the philosophy that built NYC’s Best Commercial Cleaning Service.  When it comes to a cleaning service, whether we are talking about office cleaning, home cleaning, or hotel housekeeping services, the level of service we provide is readily apparent as soon as the job starts.  Dust is wiped away, carpets are thoroughly vacuumed, floors are well mopped, and bathrooms are cleaned and pleasantly sanitized.   The benefits of our cleaning service are readily apparent.

If you have had your home cleaned by a service, or had your car washed, when you first see the results, you are amazed by the shine of the floor or how clean the windows on your car look.  So often, the missed details shatter the joy.  The dust bunnies behind the tables are still there, or the tops of the doors still have a months’ worth of dirt and grime.  When you get in your car, you notice that the cup-holders still have evidence of that coffee you spilled.

When you see these things, you may get annoyed, but at that point, you clean out the cup-holders yourself and let the dust-bunnies go until next time since the dust is out-of-sight.

We are not solely looking for that immediate jolt of happiness when our clients walk into their offices.  We want that feeling to last throughout the day.  We believe that a clean office is a cheerful and productive office.  If you sit down and immediately start to see the problems, the stress builds up quickly.

Claudette, with her vast experience in the world of upscale hospitality and commercial cleaning, has an eagle-eye for the details that others might not even consider.  She knows the devil is in the details. Quality comes from the leadership, and with Claudette, NYC’s Best Commercial Cleaning Service is one of the premier cleaning services in New York City.

As the client, your expectations are very high.  We strive to exceed even the toughest of expectations.

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