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  • Claudette Robb Ross

Autumn Cleaning

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

While Spring may be the season most associated with cleaning, there is something to be said for getting ahead of the winter grit and grime by doing a thorough clean-up in Autumn as well.  The kiddies are heading back to school and we sweeten the deal for them by getting haircuts and buying new clothes, so why don’t we grown-ups do something for ourselves to bolster our days at work as the leaves begin to fall outside.

The colder months are often accompanied by stuffy rooms and poorly circulated air as a result of closed windows and central heating, and as we may have mentioned, that can lead to employee sickness and a general malaise that does nothing for workplace morale or efficiency.  Add to that an entire summer’s worth of dirt and grime, and you have a recipe for filth that makes the winter that much more daunting.

Why wait until Spring then?  Just as we ready our offspring to absorb new information at school, so too does it make sense to free up our work-space to create and process new ideas.  Just as the winter comes with its particular messes (from the salt residue on the floor to the uncovered mouths sneezing and coughing over every surface) Autumn comes with crinkly leaves dragged in on shoes and summer rain’s muddy remains scuffing up our floors.

As much as retailers have turned “Back-to-School” into  a season unto itself, professionals deserve the reinvigoration that a thorough expert cleaning can provide.  Before the holiday seasons bring their own type of mess, get your office in order—it can only help your employee health, happiness and productivity for the coming cold and flu season.

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