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Background Checks Protect You

At NYC’s Best Commercial Cleaning Service, we work during the day, ensuring that we follow the specific set of tasks we created for your business. Over the last year, many of the businesses we worked with had switched to working remotely when it was not vital for people to be in the office. Many companies have downsized to smaller offices, and some have made the decision to stick with a remote style of work even after the pandemic ends.

Many companies and many employees have decided that after a year of working from home, they wanted to be back in an office. There are many reasons why people wanted to head to an office. Some people didn’t have the space to work effectively from home. Some people found the idea of working from home stressful, or they just didn’t want to live their lives as a small box on Zoom – like something out of a modern-day Brady Bunch.

Regardless of the reason, people are heading back to the office. This doesn’t mean that working in an office isn’t the source of stress and anxiety for some people. They want to be back in the office, or they were told they had to be, but they are not ready to deal with people walking in and out of their personal space. We respect the fact that many people still want to limit their interactions with people. For this reason, we are now performing many of our duties after hours to limit our interaction with people in the office.

Having people in your office after hours will help with reducing the direct contact, and it makes it easier for us to sanitize your office properly. However, for some people, the idea of having people in their office while they are not there can lead to its own stress.

To alleviate that stress, we are making sure that all of our employees have a proper background check. When you hire NYC’s Commercial Cleaning Service, you will know that you are hiring a team you can trust. Under the direction of Claudette Robb Ross, a top graduate of the world-renowned Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and more than 25 years of experience, you can rest assured that Claudette and her team will take care of your office cleaning and sanitization needs properly and professionally while reducing the need for personal interaction with your employees.

We want to ensure that everyone remains safe. This is a very anxious time for many people, and we are doing what we can to reduce that anxiety and alleviate the fears you may have of having people in your office space while you are not there.

If you have any questions about our services or our background checks, please call us at 212-822-8808.

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