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  • Claudette Robb Ross

Keeping Small Business Work-spaces Clean

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Keeping a clean and tidy workspace is especially important when office space is limited. No matter what style of interior design you implement, whether it is minimalist or traditional, if you allow that room to be cluttered and dusty, it will seem so much smaller and less efficient. Since we know that a messy space can lead to a disorganized mind, when dealing with a place that can look cluttered with so few things askew, it is that much more important to keep it clean.

Moreover, regardless of what everyone’s style of organization is, a space-challenged work area should be kept clean for EVERYONE’S benefit, from staff to management to potential business coming in. Just because John knows where everything is under all those old paper cups and food wrappers, doesn’t mean anyone else should have to look at it or be forced to root around in that refuse looking for his work when he isn’t around.

Small offices usually employ small staffs, where if one person is out sick, their absence is felt by every coworker. And more often than not, the sick team member, feeling guilty for letting down the other staff, will force themselves to go to work anyway. The smaller the space is, the greater the chances for cross-contamination. If the desks don’t get cleaned and the rugs don’t get vacuumed, all those germs linger to infect and re-infect the population of the workforce. Even if every employee continues to show up despite being ill, what kind of work are they likely to put out?

However, if you employ us to regularly clean your office, big or small, the likelihood of cutting down on illness and gaining increased productivity is only logical. For those businesses that aren’t able to afford a company health insurance plan, keeping the space clean can be the one thing employers can do to assist in keeping their workforce healthy.

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