• Claudette Robb Ross

Once You Declutter, We’ll Clean and You’ll Never Go Back

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Have you ever been so stressed by the state of your office that you have to stop everything to clean it? We have all been there. In actuality, when you get to that point, you aren’t cleaning, you are decluttering. There are papers and folders, pens, coffee cups, and all sorts of things lying around. Some of the clutter is easy to discard. You can throw the empty disposable coffee cups in the trash, or rather the recycling, if possible. You can put the pens and other random office supplies in a drawer or some organizer.

Paper is much harder to deal with. You have to go through everything and decide what needs to be kept and where it needs to go.

It requires a significant amount of time to declutter an office to the point where you are even ready to begin cleaning. Even then, you may grab a vacuum if there is one readily available, but you aren’t going to steam clean the office carpets. You will probably dust the shelves, tops of pictures, the desk, and wipe down your phone, mouse, and keyboard.

There are two things to take note of at this point: 1 – you just spent at least a couple of hours cleaning your office, which means your work is now at least a couple of hours behind where it should be, and 2 – even though you didn’t do a deep cleaning of the space, don’t you feel so much better?

It is well documented that a clean office is a productive office.

In this scenario, there is also an elementary math problem. You just spent, for the sake of argument, two hours cleaning your office, and as we started, this means you lost a minimum of two hours of productivity.

If your office was dirty and cluttered, so is the office next door to you, and next door to that person. It also means that all of the employees who are working in cubicles or a shared space are also dealing with the same issue. Now imagine that everyone took two hours to clean their areas. You are now dealing with hours and hours of lost productivity, and unless you come up with a plan, you can expect to lose those hours again and again, as the dirt and clutter reassert itself.

Now, imagine a scenario where you and your employees can come into an office that is regularly cleaned and maintained. Not only will you not lose hours of productivity, but the increased morale will also improve efficiency. A clean office is also contagious in that once people know that you take pride in how the office looks, they will do so as well. Things like clutter and carelessness will also decrease significantly. Less clutter means even better efficiency.

Not sure how to go about getting your office adequately cleaned? Call NYC’s Best Commercial Cleaning Service, and we will devise the right plan for you.

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