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  • Claudette Robb Ross

The Delta Variant Throws Reopening Plans into Chaos

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

When Governor Cuomo ended all COVID-related emergency restrictions, many businesses started to plan to bring their employees back into the office by September or October. However, the Delta variant has become a serious issue, causing many businesses to rethink their timeline.

While many areas of the country see new infection rates higher than at any point of the pandemic, the increase in cases in New York, which is significant, has not been as dramatic. In July, New York reported less than 200 cases a day at the lowest point of the pandemic. However, by mid-August, due to Delta, New York was reporting over 2,000 cases a day. This is significantly lower than the second pandemic wave during the winter months of 2020 into 2021 when New York peaked at around 6,000 cases per day.

The Delta variant has accounted for 94% of all samples taken in New York City over the last month. While all five boroughs in New York City are considered high transmission areas, there are signs that this latest surge is stabilizing. With kids returning to school in a couple of weeks, it is expected that this current surge will last at least through September, with estimates being New York can be back to pre-Delta strain numbers by October or November.

All of this shows how important it is for businesses of any type to implement a sanitization program as a part of their daily cleaning schedule. Whether now or in a few months, people will be getting back to the office, and it is vital that we all do our part in keeping employees, visitors, and customers safe.

We continue to take your safety seriously. We will clean and sanitize your office on every visit! This is going to be the new normal as New York City gets back to work. If you have any questions about our sanitization services, call us at 212-822-8808.

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