• Claudette Robb Ross

Flu Season Started Early

According to a new article published in CNN this month, US health officials are becoming increasingly concerned about this year’s flu season – and they say that are already seeing signs that the virus is spreading. With mask-wearing having dwindled, it seems the flu, in addition to Covid 19 and other respiratory ailments, is coming early, and it’s coming hard in 2022. Since the past few seasons of influenza have been markedly mild as a byproduct of Covid precautions, the CDC is urging vaccinations and extra measures in sanitation are also recommended to control the spread of illness.

This is all just another day’s work for us at NYC’s Best Commercial Cleaning, where we treat every cleaning engagement as a challenge to rid offices of ANY germs/bacteria that would harm our clients and their businesses. We can assure you that we have been meeting those challenges since before COVID paralyzed the world and will continue to do so as long as we do business.

Simply put, our expertise has always been in sanitizing work areas and office spaces in a way that your regular personnel, no matter how diligent, just can not achieve. The flu of the 2022 season is already upon us, and while getting vaccinated doesn’t completely prevent infection, keeping a clean, sanitized place of business is a must to minimize risks. Rather than endanger yourself, your employees, their families, and your clients, it makes more sense to hire us and be assured that the job is being done by the best.

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