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  • Claudette Robb Ross

Germ Vigilance at Work

All the precautions everyone has taken to combat Covid infections have greatly reduced other illnesses like the flu. However, the backlash is that the medical professionals who predict flu strains each season now have a much smaller pool of data to use to make those calls.

The smaller pool means doctors are less likely to make accurate predictions for creating next year’s flu vaccine. So, for all those who think that the end of the pandemic means going back to living and working the way we were before, seemingly uncaring of bacteria and viruses that can cover our home and work surfaces; -- please think again.

New strains of covid are cropping up every day, and beyond that and the flu, there are any number of infections to be caught by an unhygienic environment where you spend most of your waking hours.

Common ailments that need to be considered and eliminated are gastroenteritis (stomach flu), streptococcus (which causes strep throat), and conjunctivitis (pink eye)-all of which can cause employees to call in sick costing you valuable time and money in the meantime.

Rather than ease up on all measures taken to prevent covid, may we suggest remaining vigilant against all disease in the “new normal” that is life after covid. Cleaning professionals can ensure that your workspace remains pristine and germ-free. Since many employees are heading back to the office, it becomes the employer’s responsibility to ensure the work environment isn’t sickening the workforce.

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