• Claudette Robb Ross

Improve Office Morale

The good news is, we are all getting back to the workplace despite the ongoing effects of Covid. With so many bodies back in the office, bad habits acquired while working remotely can spill over, making for a dirty workplace. Unfortunately, an unclean environment not only leads to more instances of illness but can also drag morale of employees down.

There have been so many articles and blogs written about the value of a clean workspace, it would seem like common sense to business owners to hire experienced cleaning professionals -- but there still remains a need to remind them that people need to be proud of their workstation in order to feel good about working in it. If you can look around and see dirt on the floor and rings on the counters, why would a person strive to look and behave professionally if they see the people in charge don’t care enough to make their business areas look pristine?

Naturally, workers should be responsible for keeping their own desks and break areas tidy and clutter free, but unless a professional trained in cleaning has been hired to maintain a standard of hygiene, no employee can be confident that areas haven’t been missed.

By assuring your staff of a sanitary work environment, you are showing how much you value their comfort and their health. Folks want to be proud of their jobs and it’s difficult to come to work if you dread being in a pig stye for 40 hours a week. At the least, a hygienic workplace prevents unnecessary exposure to illness, but at its best, keeping the space pristine encourages employees to strive for the same in their performance.

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