• Claudette Robb Ross

Is the Pandemic Over?

We have heard Dr. Anthony Fauci say that COVID-19 is almost in transition from being a pandemic. What does that mean? You may have heard that the next phase of COVID-19 will be that it will be “endemic.” What do these terms mean?

Endemic means that an illness occurs at a steady rate. An Outbreak is when the condition occurs above endemic levels. An epidemic means that the outbreak spreads to a larger geographic area. Finally, a pandemic is an epidemic that reaches 3 or more continents.

Eventually, COVID will transition from pandemic to endemic status. While the current COVID numbers are again on the rise, more cases have been mild with fewer people having to be admitted to the hospital. As we have seen, many people are getting back to their normal routines, and fewer people are regularly wearing a mask in public. After two years of people not being in large crowds, other endemic viruses are starting to return to their normal levels. These viruses include influenza, conjunctivitis, and the good old stomach flu, called gastroenteritis.

As more people head back to the office, it is more important now than ever to maintain a cleaning and sanitization program to keep your employees safe, because as much as we are all tired of COVID and want to see the pandemic be officially recognized as being done, we are still not there yet. COVID-19 is still at pandemic levels, and you should continue to treat it as such. Call NYC’s Best Commercial Cleaning for a free onsite estimate. All of our employees are vaccinated and we now work within your schedule. We will work outside of regular hours so your employees will not have to be in contact with more people. Your safety is our priority.

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