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  • Claudette Robb Ross

Not Just COVID-19

Ever since Covid exploded across the world like an explosion of pestilence, folks in the US are finally being clued into an unavoidable reality: Many people equal many germs. Since mask mandates and new sanitizing standards have been instituted nationwide, Americans have been noticing something else: It is not just Covid that those drastic measures are minimizing. The truth is, the flu, common cold, and various stomach bugs are being cut

According to news articles like the one in Science News, doctors have noticed the missing cases of non-COVID-19 respiratory illnesses, specifically flu and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV. That is simply because while people are taking the necessary precautions to prevent Covid infections, they also protect themselves from all these other contaminants. However, just as Covid fatigue and loosening restrictions are happening worldwide, so will the re-emergence of these other sicknesses. As the masses get ready to return to the workplace, it would be nice to think that we have learned something about keeping those spaces sanitized for the continued health of those employees.

The importance of keeping work-spaces clean and free of viruses is not going to be diminished if the populace gets vaccinated for one emergent virus! Hiring NYC’s Best Commercial Cleaning Service to sanitize offices, conference rooms and break rooms regularly is even more necessary now that we can see that those measures really work. It is better to put a cleaning plan and schedule into play before people pack themselves into offices where the air is uncirculated, and multiple hands are on every surface.

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