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One Size Does Not Fit All

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

At NYCs Best Commercial Cleaning Service, we offer free “ON-SITE” estimates.  The reason why we will only give an on-site estimate is because every job is unique.  There are as many cleaning plans as there are prospective clients.

Every job is different

For some clients, cleanliness is something that is in the public eye.  For a restaurant, even a reputation of not being as clean as possible can do a lot of damage and even cause a restaurant to go out of business.  Restaurants now have clear and large letter grades that have to be posted.  These grades are given by the New York City Health Inspectors and a large part of the grade is related to cleanliness.  Since these grades started to appear have you ever walked away because the restaurant hadn’t achieved top grades?  We certainly have.

Even in the restaurant business, there are many possible cleaning scenarios.  Fast food establishments and coffee shops work with volume.  People are constantly moving in and out.  Keeping these places clean can be a full time job.  A good deep cleaning will present far different challenges than a fancy sit-down restaurant.  These places have less traffic, but the expectation of cleanliness is far greater.

Every job is a specialty

For other types of businesses and buildings, cleanliness is not so often thought about.  Museums and even office building lobbies come with expectations.  They are often large open areas.  In New York City, office building lobbies are often specifically designed to awe visitors as they come in.   New York City is home to some of the best examples of Art Deco architecture in the world and the lobbies of these buildings are showcases and even tourist attractions.  A lot of museums are in very old buildings that tell their own unique story.  If these places are not professionally maintained then the lack of cleanliness is more easily noticed.  If it is noticed, it is usually because it is not well cleaned.

Why NYCs Best Commercial Cleaning Service?

At NYC’s Best Commercial Cleaning Service, founder and CEO Claudette Robb Ross has over 25 years’ experience in commercial cleaning.  She brings her experience to you to develop a personalized plan to ensure that your establishment presents itself to the public as it should.  Sometimes the best compliment we can get is to not be noticed at all.  We let your establishment speak for itself.

Get your free on-site estimate and let us craft a cleaning plan that is specifically suited for you.  Call us today at 212-822-8808.

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