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  • Claudette Robb Ross

The Pandemic will become Endemic.

As has been the case since February 2020, another surge in the Covid pandemic is following the Holiday season. The world is hoping for an end to this healthcare nightmare, but the truth is no one really knows what the future will look like after the worst has passed. Many experts in the scientific community surmise that, like the flu, the pandemic will become endemic, made more manageable with increasingly effective vaccines and preventative measures. What that means for businesses taking place at brick-and-mortar locations is that having a Regular Office Sanitation Program can mean the difference between staying operational, or watching employees fall to illness—even if that illness may seem less severe.

A lesson to be learned by last year’s virtually non-existent flu season, is that sanitation and wearing masks WORK to control the spread of germs. Going forward, the flu will still be a concern, but coupled with the Covid mutations, workers can’t afford to take any chances with keeping offices clean and disease free. Professionally maintained sanitation of these areas can only ensure that industry continues by protecting its lifeblood, which in most cases are the employees that keep that industry running.

Taking chances with the health of your workforce is just asking for infection to make its way through the employee ranks. It also jeopardizes the physical well-being of all whom you do business with. The best way to keep business running efficiently is to keep everyone within the building healthy enough to stay on task. Keeping the workplace free of illness-causing bacteria is a full-time job best left to us…the professionals.

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