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  • Claudette Robb Ross

We Try to Work Around Your Schedule

Just as the different temperatures bring the onslaught of seasonal illnesses, so must the needs of businesses change to meet the siege of sickness upon the workplace. If that sounds dramatic, you have never lived through a shutdown due to personnel shortages because of an infection in an office.

For the most part, we believe that clean is clean, and we always strive to give our clients the same level of sanitation regardless of the bacteria or virus we are fighting. That said, we are professionals adept at customizing our cleaning schedules and techniques to suit the needs of each customer.

If something needs an expert touch, look no further than our competent professionals to sanitize your workplace. If you find that one day of the week or time of day is more convenient for us to enter and clean your business, let us know! It's important that the schedule set up works for you and your business, and we can adapt it to suit your needs.

We understand that different businesses have different cultures and so, consequently, different needs. For example, maybe you have a big meeting at a set time every month and would like to have that conference room thoroughly cleansed before and after that happens-give us a call, and we will add it to our calendar! Or, if your business suffers from an epidemic of some bacterial infection, bring us in as soon as possible so we can clear the way for healthy workers to return to the office and prevent the furtherance of that outbreak. We are truly flexible to suit your needs!

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