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  • Claudette Robb Ross

With Fewer Masks, More Viruses Are Going Around

As mask mandates are once again loosening, most people are anxious to go back to business as usual without a face covering. Spirits are lifting and moods are improving with the arrival of Spring, but without that level of protection, we are once again subject to all manner of illness, not just Coronavirus.

Remember last year’s non-existent flu season? We can thank masks for blocking the spread of that as well as all those other maladies we were frequently struck with, pre-pandemic. With restrictions lifted, we will now need to be extra diligent regarding the cleanliness of our workspace.

Making sure you have a sanitary place of business should be priority one in keeping that business on track and profitable. People want to feel protected from infection by their employers, not only for the sake of the employee but also to prevent infectious illnesses from being brought home to loved ones. As contact tracing has shown us these past few years, it only takes one person to bring a household down, and then from there, entire communities.

That is why it is so important to hire experienced professionals to clean offices and work areas. No one else is as knowledgeable as we are when it comes to thoroughly sanitize your place of business. Whether it's desktops, breakrooms, or restrooms that need cleaning, setting up a regular cleaning schedule with a trained sanitation expert from NYC’s Best Cleaning is one way to be sure that the job is getting done right.

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