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  • Claudette Robb Ross

Your Floors Are Affecting Your Business

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

As a business owner you have a lot of responsibility.  It seems you are changing hats every 5 minutes taking care of different aspects of your business.  Of all of the things that you need to worry about, how often do you worry about your floors?

You should probably be putting more thought into your floors than you do.  Whether you work in an office, a retail store, or a restaurant, people are walking in and out all day long bringing everything that they walked through on the street in to your establishment.  Let’s not think about the worst case scenario of what is being dragged through your floors and carpets.

You may give more thought to your floors during bad weather since people are bringing in the dirt from the rain and snow which are extremely visible. The problem isn’t what is visible, but rather what is not.

Your Employee’s and Guest’s Health

All of the dirt and grime, not to mention those pesky germs, are being ground into the floor whenever people walk around.  The more that accumulates, the more particulates are kicked up and float through the air making it easy for people to breathe it all in.  If you have an office full of people who are sick, then it leads to the next problem: reduced productivity.

Reduced Productivity

It goes without saying that if people are home sick, they are not being productive employees.  However, your dirty floors have another effect on people. Working in an area that is visibly dirty can be a stressful situation.  When people are stressed their productivity drops. No one likes to be in a place that is not being maintained properly

More Money In The Long Run

If you are not cleaning your floors on a regular basis, you are actually doing damage.  Dirt, grime, and those other unspeakable things, are not just staining your floors, which is bad enough, they are also causing physical damage.  Things like rock salt used during snowy days can pull moisture out of the wood and quickly cause visible damage. Dirt and liquids that are dragged across your floors can be acidic or covered with difference chemicals.  All of this will lead to floors and carpets needing to be replaced well before their functional life has been reached.

At NYC’s Best Commercial Cleaning Services, we will thoroughly and professionally take care of you floors and carpets saving you money in repairs and lost productivity.  Call us at 212-822-8808 for a free onsite estimate.

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